Garden Tractor Pull

Garden Tractor Pull

Saturday August 19th, 2023 at 10:00AM

Registration for the Garden Tractor Pull starts at 8:30AM on Saturday, August 19th 2023 at the weigh-in location on the northside of the fairgrounds. The Good Time Puller encourage anyone with a garden tractor to join the competition and have some fun. * Gate Entry to the fair still applies * 

Committee:  Rebecca Ide, (613) 292-0554


·        This event is run by The Good Time Pulling Club

·        Driver and Tractors must weigh in before each Class

·        Drivers can be asked to re-weigh at ANY time during their Class

·        Tractors can be Tacked at Any time during the Class

·        Electric Powered Tractors are the exception to gasoline powered engine and are allowed in all classes

·        All Tractors must have adequate breaking

·        The rear tire treads must be covered by a minimum of 3″ inches by a Fender

·        All Tractors must have a seat with a Backrest of no less than 3 inches in height

·        Rear weights are not to extend more than 8 inches past a vertical line drawn at the rear of the rear tire

·        Wheelie bars must extend at least 6 inches beyond the weights

·        Any loss of weights or components of the Tractor during the pull is an Instant Disqualification

·        All Tractors must pass Official Tech Inspection prior to pulling. NO EXCEPTIONS!

·        The Club Official ALWAYS has the FINAL WORD in any decision

·        All official rules can be found at:–regulations.html

·        Code of Ethics can be found at:


850 lbs. Stock
1000 lbs. & Under Kids Fun Class
1050 lbs. Stock   
1050 lbs. Pro-Stock
1150 lbs. Stock 
1200 lbs. Pro-Stock
1100 lbs. Modified
1300 lbs. Modified


$50 to the winner of each class

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